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The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) invites you to submit articles for publication as MCLE Self-assessment articles and tests, through which you can also earn MCLE  self-study credits. We welcome high-quality articles which address issues in all areas of practice and offer high visibility for you and your practice through our website and our reputation for excellence as an MCLE provider for some 20 years.


CCE will issue you a Self-study Certificate which will reflect the number of hours you spend on the article, test questions and answers, and can provide assistance to help shape them into an approved, published Self-study programwhich will be read by visitors from around the globe.       This is an ideal way to both share your expertise and earn up to 12.5 hours of MCLE credit.   





Preparing (as an author or co-author) written materials published or accepted for publication, which contribute to the legal education of the author member is acceptable e.g., (articles, chapters, books which were not prepared in the ordinary course of the member's practice or employment or to accompany speaking in an approved education activity). Only one-half of an attorney's total MCLE requirement may be satisfied through self-study activities.



  • An attorney may count the self-study credit for the preparation of written materials in the compliance period in which either the materials are published or the attorney received written notice that the materials have been accepted for publication.

  • An article on a legal subject for a non-legal publication may qualify for MCLE credit.

  • Written materials prepared by a speaker for an approved education activity cannot be claimed under Rule 2.83(C). They are considered part of preparation for speaking/teaching and are included in the formula for calculating credit hours for speaking/teaching. Credit can be claimed only by the person who actually speaks or teaches the activity. (See Rule 2.81)

  • An attorney may claim one hour of self-study credit for each hour spent preparing written materials.



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