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                   Based in Larkspur, CA., Steven A. Nielsen is a U.S. registered                            patent attorney with many years of experience in patent                                  procurement and in achieving favorable results in federal court in the field of Intellectual Properly litigation. Mr. Nielsen is the past Chairperson of the Intellectual Property Section of the Marin County Bar Association. Mr. Nielsen received his J.D. in  1987 from Boalt Hall (Berkeley Law), University of California at Berkeley and also holds a B.S. in Computer Science. Mr. Nielsen has presented numerous, superlative MCLE programs for CCE, all thoughtfully prepared and effectively delivered in his personable style. 


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Below is a comprehensive list of Mr. Nielsen's CCE Programs.


Available as DVDs or Online: www.cce-mcle.com



Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession:


Attorney Steven A. Nielsen offers a fresh look at bias in the legal profession. Does a mere study and rote following of state bar rules address the larger issues? Mr. Nielsen notes that, in general, the reasons for our bias problems have been a taboo subject. He offers a candid assessment of the nature of bias and discrimination and how they have evolved in society and

throughout history. WATCH FULL PROGRAM ONLINE



Prevention/Detection/Treatment of Mental or Physical Issues that Impair a Member’s Ability to Perform Legal Services with Competence:


In this HD Video program attorney Steven A. Nielsen focuses on the mental changes that occur over a career. The normal aging process results in cognitive decline, and Mr. Nielsen suggests that a colleague or two keep tabs on each other, including those at large law firms. He discusses the presence of dementia and what to do should it arise, and provides links to resources on how to sell or close and more.


  • Ethics for Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents: NEW!


  • Elimination (or at least reduction) of Bias in the Legal Profession     WATCH FULL PROGRAM ONLINE

  • Patent Fundamentals for Non-Patent Attorneys                             WATCH FULL PROGRAM ONLINE

  • Ethical Issues for Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents (1.0, Ethics - Also available as online program)

  • Prevention/Detection/Treatment of Mental or Physical Issues that Impair a Member’s Ability to Perform Legal Services with Competence (DVD and also available as online program)

  • Recent Developments in U.S. Patent Law (DVD)

  • Responding to a Demand or Request to Purchase a Patent License (DVD)

  • Ethical Considerations for Patent Attorneys: (2.0 Hours, Ethics - DVD)

  • How to Draw Patent Drawings Correctly: (1.0 Hours - DVD)

  • Patent License Agreements: The Dangerous Road to Starting a Patent License Negotiation (Video 2010)


Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession


In this timely program, attorney Steven Nielsen digs deep into Diversity and Inclusion issues with a review of the current literature on the subject and trends in the profession. He then offers recommendations, such as an increased role for local bar associations through informal mixers and support groups to increase inclusion, plus scholarships, loans and other common sense programs and ideas which merit further exploration and discussion. WATCH FULL PROGRAM ONLINE



To contact Steve Nielsen:

Steven A. Nielsen
100 Larkspur Landing Cir. # 216 | Larkspur, CA 94939

Steve@NielsenPatents.com | 415.272.8210 | www.NielsenPatents.com 


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