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I was not practicing law for a portion of the compliance period. Do I owe all 25 hours?


The only time that a member is not subject to the MCLE requirement is during the time s/he is officially on Inactive status. If the attorney remains an Active member, he/she is subject to the MCLE requirement, regardless of whether the attorney is practicing law.  See Inactive Status for more information. If an attorney is Inactive for a portion of the compliance period, the MCLE education requirement is pro-rated, based on the number of months during the compliance period that s/he is subject to. (See Requirements)


I am on voluntary Inactive status and wish to return to Active status. What is my MCLE requirement?


There is no specific MCLE requirement for reactivation. An attorney will receive a 60-day notice to comply soon after reactivation. However, for attorneys who have been Inactive for two (2) or more years, previously accrued hours may have all been tolled off.


  • For more information, see Inactive Status

  • Transfer to Active form. 


If I earn more than 25 hours, can I carry the excess hours forward?


If an attorney earns more than 25 hours during a compliance period, he/she cannot carry the excess hours forward to the next compliance period. [Rule 2.72(D)]


Admitted with four months or less left in the compliance period?


The proportional requirement rules specify that if a member is subject to the MCLE requirement for four months or less, s/he does not need to comply with the MCLE education requirement for that compliance period. Thus, if an attorney was admitted in December and his or her Compliance Group's deadline is less than 2 months away, it is unnecessary to comply with the MCLE requirement for that compliance period. The next compliance period for this group begins on February 1, and an attorney can count only activities earned on or after February 1 toward the requirement for that next compliance period. (There is no carryforward of credit hours from one compliance period to the next. [Rule 2.72(D)])

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