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Online Self Study Tests

Now you can earn your MCLE self study credits online!

To earn self-study credits with CCE's self-assessment tests, read any of the below articles and complete the True/False Questions associated with each article.You can take the test online, or print out your answers and mail them to CCE.

Credits are earned effective on the date on which the test is taken.

Tests cost $30.00 per credit hour, and may also be ordered in "hard copy," alone or along with your MCLE Order. (See Order Form). Order Item #147 for all 12.5 hours for $295, includes all compulsory topics.

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Ethics: Judicial Disqualification 1.5 hours

The Cross-Cultural Law Practice
(Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession) 1.0 hours

Accommodating Religion in the Workplace
(Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession) 1.0 hours

Physiological Aspects of Substance Abuse
(Prevention, Detection & Treatment of Substance Abuse) 1.0 hour

Ethics: Conflicts of Interest 1.0 hour

Ethics: Disqualification for Bias or Its Appearance 1.5 hours

Economic Analysis in Personal Injury Cases 1.5 hour

Economic Analysis in Employment Matters 1.5 hours

Legal Obligations and Solutions for Protecting Online Personal Information 1.0 hour

Travel Law: The Right to Starlight 1.5 hours

CCE is a State Bar of California MCLE approved provider.

In many states, including California, attorneys may earn MCLE credits by having substantive legal articles published. If you may be interested in submitting an article to CCE for publication as a self-study test, please contact via our mailing list or call 1-800-443-MCLE (6253). In addition to the text, articles must include true/false questions as well as an answer grid referring readers to the applicable part(s) of the article.