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From the CCE-Microsoft "Winning with Technology" MCLE Series

Understanding E-Commerce

Featuring Jim Lisiak

Principal Technology Specialist
Microsoft Northern California

1.0 HOUR

In the new economy, a new language is emerging: The Language of E-Commerce. It is a language attorneys need to learn in order to properly communicate with and advise clients. This program takes the mystery out of E-COMMERCE, addressing basic concepts and terminology. Microsoft's Jim Lisiak deciphers common acronyms, such as HTML, DNS, XML and LDAP, reviews E-Commerce organizations like, WC3 and X12 and discusses the tools that are used to design E-Commerce sites on the Internet.

Speaker Jim Lisiak is Principal Technology Specialist, Microsoft Northern California, and is on the cutting-edge of the developing area of E-Commerce.

Jim Lisiak brings a wealth of Microsoft knowledge, including E-commerce, Windows 2000, Windows CE, Office 2000, and Development Tools. Jim has been a featured speaker at Seybold and Vbits. Jim has also done board presentations at COMDEX, and been a judge for eight years at the Windows World Open. He has received numerous recognition awards in the computer industry. Prior to his job at Microsoft, Jim worked for Chevron, Computer Task Group, Northern Telecom, Honeywell, and was also an independent consultant. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics from Marquette University.

1.0 hour

Materials: 30 pages, including hard copy of PowerPoint presentation.
Price: $45

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As with all CCE MCLE Audio programs, this program is eligible for participatory credits. Call 1-800-443-MCLE or email for more information.

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